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A powerful tool designed exclusively for market access teams – Access Hub lets you track KPIs and new product launches, streamlining communications with country teams.

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Analyze data and share KPIs, in minutes

Reimbursement info at your fingertips

With a single app, Access Hub brings country and global teams together to build consensus on the current state of reimbursement activity across markets.

Have confidence in your data

Access Hub provides a simple interface for country teams to update global teams on their progress. It is your central repository for all market access information, ensuring you always have confidence in your data.

Lighten your workload

Let Access Hub do the heavy lifting. Access Hub will instantly update key milestones, such as Regulatory Approval and Reimbursement dates. Automatically send emails to country teams to remind them to update data.

Track metrics and quantify success

Access Hub lets you build easy-to-read charts to track key market access KPIs and metrics. Choose from 6 visualization types, such as timelines and map views.

Set targets and track KPIs

Benchmark your products using KPIs, metrics, and targets. Set targets dates for milestones and then measure your actual performance against them—all in just a few clicks.

Learn from past launches

With a crystal-clear view of your previous launches, Access Hub helps you better prepare for future launches. Quickly identify markets with consistent delays or quick wins.

beautiful reports

Keep senior management, country colleagues, and cross-functional colleagues updated about your product’s performance with engaging, easy-to-read data visualizations.

Tell a story through data

Create data visualizations that tell your product’s Market Access story. Choose from timelines, donut charts, step graphs, tables and histograms. And if something is missing, we’ll build it for you!

Export as a PowerPoint

PPTs are the standard way to share results with colleagues. With just the click of a button, all your visualizations will be exported into a PPT using your organization’s brand template.

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Key Features

Live Updates on Competitor Price & HTA Data
Email Automation to Country Teams
Uniform Reporting Across Products
Microsoft Teams
Share Global Deliverables with Countries
Generate Performance Reports

What our clients are saying

We use Access Hub daily. It is extremely valuable for our global team as well as our country colleagues.

Market Access Director Pfizer

Access Hub helps us demonstrate how we add value to the organization through key performance indicators that we can showcase.

Senior Director Market Access Intercept

Access Hub brings much needed transparency to the function, enabling our access colleagues to find information they need at their fingertips.

Market Access Director Gilead

Access Hub has become an important single source of truth for all our market access metrics.

Market Access Capabilities Director Astellas

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