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Join us in Barcelona between 17th- 20th November where we’ll be sharing the latest insights and innovations from the Access Infinity team on industry hot topics.

Join us on Day 1, 2:05 pm for our panel discussion:

Metrics that Matter in Market Access Performance Tracking

Moderator:  Ahmed Edathodu, Founding Director, Access Infinity 


  • Aodan Tynan, Vice President, Global Market Access, Astellas

  • Chris Bidad, Global Head, Access Strategy and Payer Policy, AstraZeneca

  • Robert Palmer, Head of Market Access, Oncology, Boehringer Ingelheim

  • Samia Aly, Executive Director, Value & Access, Innovative Medicines Europe, Novartis

  • Simon Shohet, Vice President, Market Access, International, Amicus Therapeutic

Market access is the bridge between clinical and commercial functions and plays a pivotal role in product launch. Success in market access is defined by the outcome of payer decisions – whether nationally or regionally. 

While measuring global market access performance has been on the agenda for some time, understanding success is becoming a priority at board and leadership level. 

How can market access leaders do it better, so they’re empowered to communicate their team’s success? 

In this this discussion, the panel explore the changing role of market access and the importance of tracking performance as a result. They take a deeper dive into how this can be done, the challenges it presents and how they can be overcome.  

Join the Access Infinity team at RAI Congress Centre Amsterdam 12th – 13th March.

Join us on Day 2, 3:35 pm to hear from our Product Owner on: ​

Three ways AI will impact Market Access in 2024

In this session our Product Owner, Tom Gilboy will share three tangible use cases of AI for Market Access teams that could be ready to go this very year.  He will also share the capabilities Market Access teams need to build to avoid being left behind by the AI revolution. 

Join the Access Infinity team at RAI Congress Centre Amsterdam 12th- 13th March.

Thomas Gilboy

Digital Solutions Product Owner Thomas Gilboy is the Product Owner at Access Infinity for our Market Access Digital Tools. As Product Owner, he leads the product development and leads the product development leads the product development and “blue sky thinking” of what is possible within the digital space for Market Access. Before Access Infinity, Tom worked for 10 years within Market Access in consulting and at ViiV. In consulting Tom delivered over 100 projects covering a broad range of Market Access topics from early pipeline decisions through to end of life cycle planning, across a broad range of therapy areas. At ViiV, Tom covered the successful European Market Access for one of their launching HIV brands.   

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Managing Director

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Senior Business Development Manager

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Head of Sales

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Head of Marketing



Product Owner

Louise Bennett

Head of Marketing


Ahmed Edathodu

Founding Director

Isabel Rubio


Robert Buckley

Senior Business Development Manager

Thomas Gilboy

Product Owner

Margaret Labban

Product Manager

Best practices in estimating pipeline product prices for early market access teams

It goes without saying that analogues are a great choice for robust evidence because they tell us what’s historically happened to products in similar situations. Of course, there is no perfect analogue that 100% meets your own product, so how do you choose which ones to analyse and review?
There’s much to consider and a lot at stake, not to mention the time pressures you’re facing to answer complex questions, at pace.
So how can early market access professionals take a holistic approach to finding the right analogues in the right time frame?
Our Product Owner Thomas Gilboy explores this at EPA Congress, taking a deeper dive into:
· The analogue analysis challenges faced by today’s early market access teams[LB1]
· How to produce more accurate analysis and evidence to support a product’s launch strategy
· How to pick up the pace of analogue analysis [LB2] so that you can respond rapidly and accurately to enquiries from the [launch?] team

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The World EPA Congress 2022 is a great opportunity to share ideas. Block some time for a product demo or chat with our P&MA experts. We look forward to seeing you in Amsterdam.

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ISPOR 2024 is a great opportunity to share ideas. Block some time for a product demo or chat with our P&MA experts. We look forward to seeing you in Barcelona.