World EPA Congress

Let’s meet in 2025

We are delighted to confirm our presence at the World EPA Congress 2025 where we’ll be sharing our insights from the Access Infinity team on industry hot topics.

Robert Buckley

Senior Business Development Manager

Thomas Gilboy

Product Owner

Margaret Labban

Product Manager

Best practices in estimating pipeline product prices for early market access teams

It goes without saying that analogues are a great choice for robust evidence because they tell us what’s historically happened to products in similar situations. Of course, there is no perfect analogue that 100% meets your own product, so how do you choose which ones to analyse and review?
There’s much to consider and a lot at stake, not to mention the time pressures you’re facing to answer complex questions, at pace.
So how can early market access professionals take a holistic approach to finding the right analogues in the right time frame?
Our Product Owner Thomas Gilboy explores this at EPA Congress, taking a deeper dive into:
· The analogue analysis challenges faced by today’s early market access teams[LB1]
· How to produce more accurate analysis and evidence to support a product’s launch strategy
· How to pick up the pace of analogue analysis [LB2] so that you can respond rapidly and accurately to enquiries from the [launch?] team

Let’s meet in person

The World EPA Congress 2022 is a great opportunity to share ideas. Block some time for a product demo or chat with our P&MA experts. We look forward to seeing you in Amsterdam.

Meet us at Booth 20.

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