The number one analogue analysis solution

Answer your biggest market access questions using NURO’s unique analogue analysis approach. A business intelligence platform that delivers smart querying to find the analogues that best answer your questions.


Your pharma market access questions, answered in minutes

What is my Phase II asset price potential? What are payers’ evidence expectations for this indication? And what can I do to improve my product’s PMA power? As the number one market access analysis tool, Nuro™ answers all your complex questions, fast. With instant insights to the largest data set in the world, you can rapidly assess products and understand payer evidence expectations, without relying on consultancies.

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What is Nuro™?

Pharma market access made simple

Nuro transforms the way you make decisions by providing data-based insights on everything from pricing to clinical trials to HTA - all in one place.

1,500,000 data points

Every approved product since 1995 is listed on Nuro - with more than 450 critical data points for each drug.

30+ markets

With a world of market access data at your fingertips, Nuro™ is the go-to solution for global market access teams.

Maximise insights in an instant

From the bigger picture to granular details, compare and contrast all relevant data points side by side with Nuro’s interactive charts and tables, easily exportable in a range of formats.

See your strategy in full colour

Picture where your product sits in the market and present it visually. Nuro creates more than seven different interactive charts to show your product potential alongside industry trends. Easily put them into your company’s branded presentations with a simple click.

Discover Nuro™

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Nuro is for you if you want to:

Take control of data analysis, save time on manual research, cut consultancy costs, accurately assess PMA potential, and make confident decisions, fast.

Nuro is not for you if you:

Prefer someone else to plan your brand’s PMA strategy, want cherry-picked (rather than robust) evidence to support your decisions, and would rather wait weeks for consultancies (rather than getting answers in minutes).


What you get

Market access analysis in minutes

Save critical time uncovering payer evidence expectations, future pricing threats, and a huge number of HTA trends.

Competitive intelligence

What is the evidence landscape in your indication(s)? What brand(s)and evidence packages do payers like in your indication (and what do they not)? How can you navigate pricing in such a space?

450+ data points for every approved product

Dive into the world’s largest pharma database, with in-depth insights for thousands of products.

Model net price evolution

See how the net prices of your key pricing benchmarks may evolve over the next decade in each country.

Generate visuals

Clarify your findings to your teams in easy visual presentations to view the bigger picture, together.

I found Nuro to be incredibly useful to find analogues and price benchmarks when i’m asked to do quick turnaround assessments. i haven’t come across any other solution that comes close.

Senior Director Market Access | UCB

Industry leaders love what we do

Discover why the world's most successful pharma companies are using our digital solutions to banish manual processess and make smarter decisions.

Break down complex business questions

Learn from the past, predict the future

Compare competitors and past launches to see payers’ thoughts on different evidence packages.

No more cherry-picking analogues

Perfectly match an exhaustive list of analogues in a matter of seconds, whatever your criteria.

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