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The Ultimate Guide to Tracking Performance in Market Access


The Ultimate Guide to Tracking Performance in Market Access


Track the top 3 market access metrics for your brand with Access Hub 

Track the top 3 market access metrics for your brand with Access Hub 



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When you’re accountable for the success of your brand, having complete control of your global market access success is critical. 

In this webinar we explore how you can tell the story of your launch in the best possible way with real-time insights and collaborative tools all in one place: Access Hub.  

We share how you can: 

  • Measure 3 key performance metrics to understand how well your brands are performing 
  • Eliminate hours of manual work by summarising key updates at the click of a button 
  • Build institutional knowledge for future launches 
  • Provide your team with greater visibility on individual country reimbursement progress and challenges 

…And more! 

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TEB Ultimate Guide

Download the ultimate guide to tracking performance in market access

Download the ultimate guide to tracking performance in market access

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Discover the true value of market access performance tracking with KPIs that help global market access teams achieve the best price and broadest access in the shortest possible time. 

Transform how you measure performance in market access

It’s our purpose to help market access teams work smarter, faster and more efficiently with the insights they need at their fingertips.

Rather than relying on siloed information in spreadsheets and emails, our software brings data together in simple, customisable dashboards.

Helping you and your teams deliver:
– The best possible price
– The broadest possible access
– In the shortest possible time

Discover how you can transform Market Access performance with best-in-class solutions

A single source of truth
for all your launch planning and KPI tracking

Answer your biggest
Market Access questions and accelerate analogue analysis

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5 reasons to track market access performance

As the role of the market access function continues to evolve, tracking its performance is becoming more important. Today, market access is the bridge between clinical and commercial functions and plays a pivotal role in launch (and overall business) success.

With market access performance becoming increasingly on the agenda at board and leadership level, understanding why it matters becomes paramount. That’s why we are rounding up our top 5 reasons to track market access performance to help market access teams work smarter, faster, and more efficiently.

1. Understand if we are making improvements:

One of the primary benefits of tracking market access performance is the ability to gauge whether improvements are being made. By using benchmarks such as competitor data or our own historical data, companies can set targets or adjust them in line with changing market conditions and evaluate their progress over time. This enables them to identify areas of success and areas that require further attention. Regular assessment of market access performance ensures that strategies are continuously refined and optimised to achieve better outcomes.

2. Quantify market access success:

Tracking market access performance allows professionals to quantify the value they bring to the business from a price and access perspective. Measurable figures allow market access professionals the chance to showcase their value to wider commercial teams. These figures help tell the story of the business, showcasing the impact of pricing and access strategies on the company’s overall success. This quantitative evidence strengthens their position and highlights the value they bring to the organisation.

3. Make better predictions:

Market dynamics are constantly evolving, making it crucial for businesses to anticipate and plan for the future. By tracking market access performance, companies can build on information from the public domain and their previous pricing or access strategies. This enables them to make more accurate predictions and informed decisions regarding future product launches. Looking both backward and forward allows organisations to learn from past experiences and adapt their strategies to align with changing market conditions.

4. Build institutional knowledge:

Tracking market access performance generates a wealth of data that can be consolidated into an accessible dashboard. This centralised platform ensures that all stakeholders can stay informed and build their institutional knowledge. By leveraging this knowledge, businesses can make informed decisions and seize opportunities while mitigating potential pitfalls.

5. Navigate changing market conditions:

With the volatility of drug pricing, understanding value-based pricing is critical. By continuously tracking market access performance, companies can identify trends and patterns over time. This insight allows them to adapt pricing and access strategies to align with evolving market dynamics. By staying ahead of the curve, businesses can navigate changing market conditions effectively and maintain a competitive edge.

Key takeaways

As we look ahead to the future, it is evident that the trends shaping market access performance will continue to gain momentum, especially with the rapid advancements in technology. By monitoring and evaluating market dynamics, companies can identify areas for improvement, quantify their value, make accurate predictions for the future, build institutional knowledge, and navigate changing market conditions. Through the continuous refinement of market access strategies, businesses can enhance their product launch strategies and ultimately benefit patients, who can get faster access to lifesaving healthcare.

The 5 reasons to track market access performance are also available as an infographic, download below. 

If you want to find out more about market access performance tracking then you can request access to our ultimate guide to tracking performance in market access by filling in the form below.