What is Market Access Performance and how can you measure it?

On-demand webinar


Ahmed Edathodu

Founding Director Access Infinity

Louise Bennett

Head of Marketing

Tom Gilboy

Product Owner, Market Access


It’s no secret that the route to market for any given drug is rarely a straight line. Often, there are many obstacles to overcome to ensure manufacturers can achieve the best price and broadest possible access. Expectations and targets are on the rise, but how can you track and improve the success of something that isn’t measured?   

In our latest webinar recording in November last year, we explored this and more. Discussing the role of Market Access Performance and how it’s measured to:   

  • Help you plan your own launch goals and targets with guidance on the most impactful metrics and KPIs 
  • Understand how to assess and measure your global market access performance across a launch 
  • Learn from realworld examples of success, showcased by our specialist team.   

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