Introducing the State of Market Access Report 2024

May 20th, 2024

Over the past 25 to 30 years, market access has emerged as a key function in the pharmaceutical industry and has evolved to meet the complexities of an ever-changing environment. 

As the cost of therapies has risen, pressure on healthcare systems has increased in tandem, making it critical that companies demonstrate the value that their products deliver for patients, payers, healthcare systems, and society at large. They must also position their products in the contexts of the standard of care and other competitors, and they must communicate a differentiated value proposition clearly, compliantly, and compellingly to a broad range of stakeholders. 

Any of these tasks would be difficult on its own. But taken together, particularly in the context of increased resource pressure, leaner organisational budgets, and global economic uncertainty, these tasks pose a challenge that requires leaders in the field to apply strategic acumen, creativity, and a willingness to critically examine their performance to improve their future outcomes. 

It’s with those needs in mind that we asked key stakeholders across the market access community to share with us their insights, their best practices, their challenges, and their vision for the future. 

In response to our call, we heard from over 130 professionals who answered our survey—representing a range of seniority levels and responsibilities that include Market Access, Pricing, and HEOR functions — who work in a mix of global, regional, and local geographic scopes. 

In addition, we engaged with our 1,300-strong network of global payers to add nuance, breadth, and perspective to our survey findings. These payers brought to us their insights from a range of roles across HTA, pricing committees, and PBMs, and from remits ranging from the hospital level to the national level. 

The report highlights key outcomes from our survey, coupled with payer insights and explores the topics shaping today’s market access landscape including:  

  • Defining success in market access 
  • Areas for improvement for market access teams 
  • Best practices and untapped opportunities 
  • The voice of the payer 
  • The importance of tracking market access performance  

Contributors to this report include our Founding Director, Ahmed Edathodu, alongside Access Infinity Partner, Brett Gardiner, and Director, Isabel Rubio. Their analysis provides valuable insights into the current state of play in market access and offers guidance on future directions based on the rich survey findings. 

A must-read for professionals with their finger on the pulse of market access, this report uncovers the latest insights into the ‘State of Market Access in 2024’. Secure your copy by completing the form below.  

A huge thank you to everyone in our valued market access and payer community who took the time to complete our survey. We hope you enjoy reading this report as much as we’ve enjoyed pulling it together.  

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The State of Market Access in 2024 Report

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