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April 12th, 2023

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The Access Infinity team has just launched a new guide. The ultimate guide to tracking performance in market access offers key insights into the value-led strategies for launching new pharmaceutical products.

Authored by Access Infinity Founder Ahmed Edathodu, the guide takes market access professionals through the KPIs that help them to achieve the best price and broadest access in the shortest possible time. It also draws on testimonials from real customers, including Astellas and Pfizer.

Hear from the faces behind Access Infinity 

Access Infinity’s game-changing learnings, taken from years of working with top-tier pharma companies and interviews with access leaders, paint a clearer picture of market access performance tracking today. We hear from Founder Ahmed Edathodu, as well as Product Owner Thomas Gilboy.

What the guide will cover

The guide will address some of the most pertinent topics in market access performance tracking, including:

  • The state of market access performance today
  • Why measure market access performance
  • Why become a market access performance champion
  • How to measure market access performance
  • Who’s championing market access performance in industry
  • What to do next.

Why measure market access performance

While measuring market access has been on the agenda to some degree, understanding performance is becoming a priority at board and leadership level. So how can market access teams do it better and communicate their success?

Historically, while teams have relied on legacy technology like Microsoft Excel, this does not provide a holistic overview. Our new guide showcases exactly why and how we should measure market access performance – benchmarking our performance against competitors, target dates, industry averages and more. From improving our institutional knowledge to bettering patient care, there has never been a more crucial time to measure market access performance.

Likewise, having a keen eye on both internal and external data gives us competitive advantage. This guide shows market access teams how to leverage information in the public domain, as well as internal figures for future strategic planning.

Download the guide today

The ultimate guide to tracking performance in market access is an essential for market access teams that want to demonstrate commercial success stories. It comes as just one of many free resources from Access Infinity, including an upcoming benchmark report and ‘Market Access Matters’ podcast. You can also find out more in our on-demand webinars.

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