Top 3 considerations for market access teams renewing their pricing database

Thursday, 20th June, 3pm BST


Is your pricing tool giving you everything you need to answer your biggest market access questions, and quickly?  

Although many market access teams have a pricing solution in place, we often hear that they face these challenges:  

  • There’s limited or no data on the clinical evidence supporting prices which means no context or rationale for a brand’s price.
  • The tools lack forward-looking capabilities to monitor future launches and model potential price evolution
  • Rows and rows of data with limited visualisation make it difficult to interpret, leaving teams asking, “so what?”    
  • They’re using an archaic, legacy tool which is clunky and difficult to navigate.   
  • Poor UX design means the solution is not intuitive and is time-consuming to use.  
  • There are limited development plans for the tool, meaning no integration of new technologies like AI.  

The good news? We’re here to help you unlock your full potential and become the access and pricing hero your company needs.  

In this webinar, our Product Owner Tom talks through the top considerations for anyone who wants to supercharge their existing pricing capabilities with all the data and insights they need at their fingertips.  

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