Best practices in identifying pricing analogues for early market access teams

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Louise Bennett

Head of Marketing

Tom Gilboy

Product Owner, Market Access


It goes without saying that finding and analysing analogues is a great way for early market access teams to support pipeline asset evaluation and strategy. Learning what’s historically happened to products in similar situations as ours, and why, is essential to price estimation and product planning.  Of course, there is no perfect analogue that 100% meets your own product, so how do you ensure you identify and analyse the right analogues?

There’s much to consider and a lot at stake, not to mention the time pressures you’re facing to answer complex questions, at pace.

Often, through no fault of their own, early market access teams must make ‘best guess’ recommendations based on the analogues they already know of, rather than the entire spectrum of what’s available.

So how can early market access professionals take a holistic approach to finding the right analogues in the right time frame?

In our latest webinar, held this February, our Product Owner Thomas Gilboy explores this, taking a deeper dive into:

  • The analogue analysis challenges keeping today’s early market access teams up at night
  • How to produce more accurate analysis and evidence to support a product’s launch strategy
  • How to speed up analogue analysis so that you can respond rapidly and accurately to enquiries from early asset investment decision committees.


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