Mastering metrics: Tracking and measuring market access performance

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Shri Rao Mukku

Founding Director

Louise Bennett

Head of Marketing


Market access is the bridge between clinical and commercial functions, and plays a pivotal role in product launch. Success in market access is defined by the outcome of payer decisions – whether nationally or regionally. 

While measuring global market access performance has been on the agenda for some time, understanding success is becoming a priority at board and leadership level.

How can market access leaders do it better, so they’re empowered to communicate their team’s success?

In this webinar from The Evidence Base®, Laura Dormer (Editor, The Evidence Base and the Journal of Comparative Effectiveness Research) is joined by Ahmed Edathodu (Founding Director, Access Infinity) to explore the changing role of market access and the importance of tracking performance with KPIs and metrics as a result, to enable the best possible price, the broadest possible access, in the shortest possible time. 

In this session, Laura and Ahmed cover: 

  • The state of market access performance today
  • The importance of tracking market access performance
  • A framework to help you measure market access performance
  • Who’s championing market access performance in the industry
  • Top tips to get started for the global market access professional

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